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investor relations

RYBAK has succeeded in managing consistent growth while providing double digit percentage returns for its investors across project types and market cycles by being disciplined in risk mitigation and strategic in market positioning.


risk mitigation

RYBAK minimizes investor exposure in three key ways:



RYBAK is vertically integrated:

A private company licensed as general contractors and real estate brokers, RYBAK brings deep knowledge and proven experience to every stage of real estate development and construction. RYBAK designs, constructs, markets, and manages/co-manages all of its real estate and developments.

Vertical integration aligns interests, eliminates fringe costs and negotiating stalls, and minimizes the expenses of doing business while enabling RYBAK to be accountable and innovative at each step of a project’s life cycle. From securing entitlements that maximize a project’s habitable area while enabling aesthetically progressive architecture, to efficiently constructing quality buildings that bring value to end users and communities, RYBAK manages each and every step with its investors’ bottom line in mind.



RYBAK is selective:

The firm’s expertise begins with strategic site acquisition. Appropriately identified real estate offers investors the benefit of rapid absorption, and RYBAK’s proven perspective in selecting and value engineering a potential site ensures a solid foundation for a predictable investment return.

RYBAK’s constantly refined market knowledge and experience, along with the firm’s rich relationships and stellar reputation among lenders and the real estate development community, means RYBAK is in position to get the best property in the most opportune market, at the best price. Focusing on middle-market constructions has enabled RYBAK to deliver design innovation and superior quality for competitive pricing within each meticulously chosen market segment.



RYBAK stays agile

Even after a decade of constant growth, expansion, and recognized achievement, RYBAK remains an agile firm, proving that top-heavy, multi-layered management is not necessary to maintain excellence. The firm is comprised of an elite team of proven experts in deal making, design, construction, and marketing. RYBAK’s in-house expertise includes:

  • Construction Management: planned, coordinated, scheduled, sourced materials, and executed the construction of all of its 2.4 million sq. ft. of real estate development projects.
  • SOE (Support of Excavation): Performing excavation, shoring, lagging, tie-backs, secant walls.
  • Foundation and Soil Improvement (piles): Helical piles, cast-in-place piles, steel H-piles.
  • Reinforced Concrete & Concrete facades: Recognized by leading concrete industry publications for expertise in reinforced concrete, one of today’s most efficient, reliable, and popular construction methods.
  • Property Management Expertise: Office, mixed use, retail, multi-family, mid-to-high rise properties, and large-scale athletic facilities.

Staying agile enables RYBAK to react quickly to any market opportunity.




With an acute sense of market timing, RYBAK adheres to a conservative, low leverage investment philosophy anchored in middle market, mixed-use constructions.

The firm’s experience and longstanding relationships with financial institutions and local brokers provide multiple channels of access to greater opportunities for better properties, better prices, and increased returns.

RYBAK’s in-house marketing program molds market desire to own RYBAK properties by establishing public awareness, building consumer excitement, and creating a unique identity for each new building. The firm’s growing public profile also drives repeat investments and a desire to be a stakeholder in the expanding RYBAK brand.


A growing brand with an in-house marketing team is just another way RYBAK mitigates investor risk while increasing profits as its portfolio and profile continue to expand.







RYBAK’s superior quality, proven efficiency, and commitment to innovation adds value to each step in the cycle of ground-up real estate construction.

RYBAK has continued to grow and reward investors throughout a decade’s worth or market cycles, including one of the most challenging markets in a generation. Investing in RYBAK means claiming a stake in a multi-disciplined organization with over a decade of successful new constructions of multistory residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate projects, expertly designed and placed in New York’s robust and resilient real estate market.

RYBAK prides itself on transparency and results. Investors know exactly how their risks are being mitigated and how their returns are being maximized. RYBAK has been able to achieve such superior rates of return due to the firm’s efficient structure, multi-disciplined expertise, and our ability to navigate through various market conditions while maintaining low leverage deal structures and low operational risks.


2.4 million sq ft.


Over 100 million in deployed equity


Over 1 billion $ value of ground up development



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